Whole House Surge Protection

Let Kettering Electric's service division, Mr. Electric, safeguard your valuable electronics with a whole house surge protector. If you happen to be like lots of people, probably you use a few power strip surge protectors throughout the house to protect your valuable electronics from power surges. Unfortunately, most provide virtually no protection against power surges!

What causes power surges?

There can be many causes for electrical surges in the home: lightning, issues with the utility company’s equipment, large kitchen appliances cycling power on and off, faulty wiring, and downed utility lines are just a few things that cause power surges.


What exactly is at risk? All items that contain a microprocessor are at risk during a power surge. This includes things like home theatre systems, computer systems, even things like freezers, washing machines, dryers, stoves, security systems, microwaves and phones. It is amazing how many components in your house actually need to be protected from an electrical surge. If a power surge were to happen today, how much money would you stand to lose? 

Would it not make sense to have ONE home surge protector that could provide surge protection for the entire home? Call us! This is one expense that can pay for itself through one thunder storm!

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