Household Electrical Generators - Backup Power when you need it most

In September, 2008, thousands of homes and businesses went without power as Hurricane Ike swept through the Ohio region. Some lost power for weeks as Dayton Power and Light tried to clean up the mess.

In either extreme cold or heat, an electrical generator could be your best friend. In the case of an elderly person it could even be a lifesaver. In case of an electrical power outage what would you do?  Do you think you're ready? With regards to having a dependable power source for your home, you need a generator. You won’t have to worry about whether you and your family will stay warm through a freeze or stay cool through a heat wave. You can sleep through the night knowing your security system will still be up and running. The food in your refrigerator won’t spoil and your computer won’t crash. Standby generators supply you with uninterrupted power to keep all of your devices running normally.

Put an end to worrying about an outage in your area. Call Mr. Electric to get a generator installed today. An authorized professional will install your generator and show you ways to operate it most effectively. In addition, we will arrange for an inspection of the generator to make certain all local codes and regulations are met.

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