The Home Generator for Whole-House Protection

Power outages occur all too frequently here in the Dayton, Ohio region. Whether it's thunderstorms, severe winds or winter icing, a generator can become your best friend. For some it's more than a convenience. Kettering Electric installs Generac generators. These generators offer liquid-cooled and air-cooled versions that can deliver the requirements for an entire house if needed. Installations include a transfer switch making the switch-over to your secondary power automatic and safe. Packages include gas hook-ups from a certified installation specialist.

In order to determine your household needs, it's best to have one of our certified electricians visit your home. We will actually measure amperage of the circuits you want to have available during a power outage. For general guidelines, you can refer to the generator sizing guide below.



The Automatic Transfer Switch Basic is rated NEMA 1. All RTS-N, RTS-E and RTS-S transfer switches are NEMA 3R (outdoor / indoor) rated. In other words - SAFE!

Call Kettering Electric to determine which configuration is best for your needs.



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