A family run, family oriented business...
Three generations and growing

In March of 1955, when the village of Beavertown was changing to the city of Kettering, Ray McGrew and Bobby Allen were forming Kettering Electric. At that time the business was being run out of Ray's home.

Ray and Bobby's partnership lasted for over two and one half years. Bobby then made the decision to return to the electrical union.

Ray and Magdalene conducted the business on their own for approximately one and one half years.

In 1959, Cleve McIntyre became Ray's partner. At that time the business was being ran out of Ray's home on Vale drive in Kettering, Ohio. After three years at the Vale Drive location, the warehouse and office was moved to Wilmingtom Pike in Kettering. The business stayed on Wilmington Pike until 1966. At that time only the warehouse was moved to Wayne Avenue where we utilized a 4-car garage and the office was moved to Ray's residence on Andrew Road in Kettering, Ohio.

In 1968, Cleve left the business to go back to work for Frigidaire. In 1974, a new building was built on Gateway Circle, consolidating the office and the warehouse.

In 1975, Kettering Electric was Incorporated and continues today as a closely held family business.

In December of 1993, the ownership of the corporation was transferred from Ray and Magdalene McGrew to Michael and Donna McGrew.

In 2010, Joseph and Courtney joined the family business to be the third generation. Historically, the majority of Kettering Electric's business has been single-family, multi-family wiring and commercial. The longevity of Kettering Electric's success can be attributed to Ray and Magdalene McGrew's determination and many loyal employees and of course to our customers.

 Address: 4517 Gateway Circle, Dayton, Ohio, 45440 / Phone: 937-434-9065 / Fax: 937-434-9068